Digital Ordering is Transforming the Restaurant Industry

Food ordering has become a staple in our everyday lives due to the pandemic, and more and more consumers are choosing to eat in the comfort of their own homes.

Statistics to look out for

Research from PYMNTS’ How We Eat Playbook shows that digital ordering is transforming the restaurant industry. Online food ordering has surged over the past few years due to its convenience. This upward trend can be attributed to the pandemic, and research shows that consumers plan to continue their digital ordering habits even as things return to normal.

Their report revealed that consumers are now 31% more likely to buy meals to eat at home than they are to dine at restaurants. It also found that nearly 50% of consumers are ordering online for pick-up more often than before the pandemic, and 43% said the same of delivery.

Even for holiday meals such as Thanksgiving, consumers opted to order from a restaurant instead of cooking at home. Enjoying a delicious meal with friends & family with minimal effort and cleanup makes food ordering an obvious choice.

Downsides of not offering digital ordering

Traditional brick & mortar restaurants have not been able to keep up with this growing demand for speed and convenience. Their current process of manually taking orderings by phone and collecting payment in person is time-consuming & inefficient. Moreover, businesses that don’t have their own ordering site prevent diners from discovering their restaurants online.

Disadvantages of ordering through third-party websites & app

While there are tons of third-party websites out there like UberEats and DoorDash, these options may not be the best for your business. Your restaurant is placed on their app along with hundreds of other choices. This hurts your business’s visibility and brand identity. You also lack the total control that you get with a dedicated solution. These third-party apps often continue selling no longer available items, leaving you to deal with frustrated customers.

Most importantly, with your own system, you control how payments are processed, and payments you receive from customers go directly to your account instead of through third parties first.

What Goopter is doing to help businesses

Goopter solves all these problems mentioned above. We have been providing our digital ordering platform to restaurants across Canada and the USA for over 5 years to help satisfy the demand for online ordering. The restaurants have built their online presence with the branded websites we provide to them and increase the efficiency of their operations with our comprehensive ordering system. Goopter covers both dine-in and off-premise orders like pick-up & delivery from a single touch-point.

Goopter offers on-premise contactless ordering for restaurants to streamline the ordering process. Diners can use the scan-to-order feature to order and pay for their meals right on their mobile devices. Orders are then directly sent to kitchen printers, eliminating the need for staff to input orders manually. Goopter saves businesses time and improves their efficiency by automating their ordering. 

Businesses can entrust Goopter to build their online presence and generate a new revenue stream through online ordering. Goopter’s all-in-one solution helps businesses acquire new customers and scale their ordering with eCommerce.

It is not too late to leverage the digital ordering boom and grow your restaurant with Goopter.

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