Food Delivery & Service Robots are Changing the Restaurant Dining Experience

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As restaurateurs, you know that the service and care you provide to customers is just as important as the food quality. A poor dining experience can drive diners away no matter how tasty the food is. “After one negative experience, 51% of customers will never do business with that company again.” Especially during the holidays, when restaurants get busy, it can be difficult for your staff to provide consistent and excellent service to every table. 

This is where Goopter’s food delivery and service robots come in. Our intelligent and efficient robots can perform various tasks for your restaurant. 

Time & Usage

On average, restaurant servers spend 50% plus of their time traveling back and forth between the kitchen and customers’ tables. This includes tasks such as:

  • Bringing physical menus to customers
  • Taking orders manually
  • Serving food to the table
  • Bringing the bill
  • Collecting payment

These tedious and repetitive tasks are often missed by servers, resulting in long wait times for customers, souring their dining experience. That’s why Goopter has multiple solutions to combat these problems. 

Digital Ordering

Goopter’s digital ordering platform solves the issues of cumbersome physical menus and manually taking orders. We provide restaurants with their own branded ordering site that displays all their restaurant items along with images and descriptions. Our self-serve ordering feature allows customers to scan QR codes on the table to order and pay right on their mobile devices. This saves both the customers’ and staff’s time by streamlining the ordering process and reducing unnecessary costs when updating menus.

Food Delivery & Service Robots

If you haven’t seen these robots on social media platforms before, we’re here to tell you about them now because you don’t want to miss them. Goopter offers an incredible fleet of robots designed to improve the efficiency of your restaurant. These robots can deliver food to customers’ tables, bring guests to their tables, and help servers clear tables in one go. 

Implementing robots into your operations significantly reduces your staff’s workload and saves them time from tedious tasks. Businesses utilizing the robots have reported happier staff and reduced wait time from customers.

We offer different robots, each with its unique specialization. For example, the BellaBot has AI voice capabilities to interact with customers and a cute pettish design with smart expressions to indicate emotions.

Increase Social Media Engagement 

Not only do the robots improve your on-premise operations, but they also help you build an online presence. It is no surprise that these robots are all over social media platforms like Instagram, Tiktok, and Snapchat. Their novel and innovative designs make for an unprecedented dining experience. Restaurants using the robots reported that diners are constantly posting videos and photos of the robots, and they saw an increase in customer traffic and online engagement. 

The robots can be your number one marketing tool without you lifting a finger. The viral TikTok video amassed 50,000 likes, 1000 comments, and more than 7800 shares. Your restaurant could be the next hot spot in town if you incorporate the robots into your operations. The post below shows the powerful effects these robots can have. 


The robots are highly cost-effective and could be the best investment you make for your business. They cost only a fraction of a typical minimum-wage worker, and best of all, the robots work for you 24/7 without rest. 

Request a free demo now and see these amazing robots in action!