• Independent Domain Name

    Your own domain name to build your own brand.
  • Business Portal Web and Business Mobile App

    Conveniently manage your store right at your fingertips with any of your devices (computer, iOS, Android). Analytical tools and reports are provided to check how your store is doing.
  • Electronic Giftcard

    Offer your customers electronic giftcards, another way to generate revenue.
  • Fixed Annual Fee

    No percentage based commision charges applied. No hidden fees. Check our pricing plan for more information.
  • SCAN & PAY

    Save time for businesses and customers.
  • Online Ordering

    Provide customer's with a convenient online ordering experience.
  • Multi-language Support

    With more businesses going global, Goopter provides your business tools to build a multi-language online store, elimniating the language barrier.
  • Automatic Order Printing

    Automatically print orders from your bluetooth printers as customers order from your store.
  • User Friendly Design

    Easily create a store within minutes using a user friendly interface. Your online stores are also easily navigatable and streamlined for your customers.
  • Coupon System

    Offer coupons in your store to discount items and gain customer loyalty.
  • Automatic Calculation

    Automatic tax and shipping fee calculation.
  • Risk Free Insurance

    Opt for a $100 service insurance. If no orders are made to your store, we will refund your money. More details on the pricing plan page.
  • Reward System

    Offer a points based reward system to your customers for them to redeem and gain customer loyalty.

Additional Benefits

Listing on the Goopter Portal Website

Your online store will be listed on our website, free of charge, allowing more customers to view your website which allows your store to gain a wider and more diverse customer base.

Consumer Web and Mobile Apps

Customers can use their computers, iOS and Android devices to visit and place orders from your store.

QR code

Receive a free QR for your business by joining Goopter. Customers can simply scan the QR code and be directed to your online store.

Google Maps, Yelp, TripAdvisor Registration

We will help register your business information onto Google Maps, Yelp, TripAdvisor so customers can quickly find and locate your business.