Goopter Incoming Call Detail Notifier

A device is designed for businesses to view and save the address and name that’s associated with the incoming caller’s ID. Simply connect the magic box with your telephone line and network cable, install the Goopter Biz mobile app get the caller’s name, number and address(es) when there’s an incoming call to your landline! Accessable via the Goopter Biz App

Goopter's Magic Box Features:

  • Complete Caller ID

    Get details on the callers name, number, and address(es) saved on your Goopter Biz App.
  • Address Label Printing

    Have a bluetooth/network printer? Convieniently print out an address label based on any caller ID on your history with one tap from the Goopter Biz App.
  • Caller ID Detail History

    Get a fully detailed view of the last 30 days of caller history on your landline.
  • Business Efficiency & Convenience

    Speed up your businesses effeciency with the Goopter Magic Box. No more need to write down your customer's name and address any more!

Accessible on the Goopter Biz App

Access your Magic Box history via the Goopter Business App! Goopter Business Application for Mobile allows business owners to manage their store on the go using their mobile devices.

Easy Installation

Just connect the Magic Box to your telephone line and network cable. That's it! View all caller ID history to save or print out their information with ease.

Any Questions?

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