What is Goopter? Why choose us?

Brief information

Goopter is a Vancouver based SaaS (Software as a Service) company offering multi-language eCommerce solutions for small businesses. We help businesses quickly create and own an online ordering platform without any coding or designing experience, that can target a range of customers due to being multilingual.

Over the past decade, there has been huge increase in online sales compared to the traditional brick and mortar stores and this trend is still dramatically rising. Brick and mortar stores have started converting their business into the online world. However, this is no easy task! Designing, developing, updating, maintaining and optimizing an online store not only adds significant costs but also requires extensive software development skills.

So what can businesses do to create and upkeep an online store?

Here at Goopter, our team has created a comprehensive e-commerce platform that allows businesses to easily launch a multi-language online store by simply providing business and product information, without the need to do any designing or coding.

Goopter’s e-commerce solution enables business owners to open a multi-language and multi-platform online store in a few minutes. Owning an online store allows businesses to greatly increase the exposure of their products or services to potential customers, reduce operational costs and increase sales; business users also have access to the Goopter Biz portal web application and Goopter Biz mobile app which allows them to easily manage products, inventory, customers and orders, print receipts, etc.

For end-users, Goopter can help them buy your products through a variety of options. You can connect your online store through both the iOS and Android apps, the WeChat platform, the store’s website and the Goopter portal website which are all accessible using a computer or mobile device (tablet, smart phone). Currently, the Goopter supports multiple business types including shopping, services, restaurants, travel and group sales.

What else?

Our team is constantly making new innovations and following trends to optimize our service to help our customers grow their business. The biggest trend we’ve seen is the exponential growth of mobile e-commerce transactions. Since last year, the overall volume of e-commerce transactions from mobile devices exceeded the orders placed on websites. Due to this, we have created user-friendly mobile applications for your Goopter online store so that your customers can also buy products and services through their mobile devices, either through our mobile app or via a mobile browser!