• How do I place an order?

Ordering from Goopter is simple! First, you browse the businesses listed and pick a restaurant, store or service. Next, you add your preferred items into your cart. Lastly, you confirm your delivery option, pay, and enjoy!

  • Can I make changes or cancel my order?

As long as the order is still pending and has not been processed, you can make changes to or cancel your order. However, once processed you must contact the provider to make changes to or cancel your order.

  • What if I receive an incorrect item/order

Please contact the business that you placed your order with.

  • What methods of payment can I use

We accept payments made by Cash, Visa, MasterCard, and American Express credit cards issued from banks in Canada, the United States, and Internationally. However, each business has the freedom to choose which payment methods they would like to accept.

  • Where can I use Goopter

You can use Goopter anywhere, anytime!

  • Can I have my order delivered

If the restaurant or store offers a delivery option, you can choose to have your order delivered to you.

  • How can I sort or filter search results?

Goopter will help search for businesses nearest to you or based on your desired place.

  • Is tipping required on order deliveries?

All tipping is up to the buyer’s own discretion!

  • What languages does Goopter support?

Businesses have the freedom to select one or multiple languages that they would like to display their product contents in.

  • How Does Goopter support multiple languages?

When businesses set up a Goopter account, they must give us the translations for their product contents. We also offer a translation service for an extra service charge.

  • How are store owners alerted when an order comes in?

There are 4 order notification options for business to choose from:

    • An ALL-IN-1 smart printer that does not require a connection to a computer or a mobile device
    • Goopter’s Biz mobile app where you will get notified of any new orders
    • Gootper’s web app, which is viewable from a computer or mobile device
    • A fax machine, which requires a phone line
  • What does “No Monthly Fee” online credit card payment service mean?

Goopter partners with one of the largest online payment service providers in North America. Through this partnership, we can help businesses by waiving your monthly fee for the credit card payment service. However, businesses are still required to pay the transactional fee.

  • Do businesses need to buy any software or hardware devices to use Goopter?

This depends on how the businesses would like to receive an order. If a business chooses to use the ALL-IN-1 printer, they must pay a deposit to use the printing device. However, all the other options for receiving an order via Goopter do not need businesses to buy software or hardware devices.

  • How much do I need to pay to use Goopter?

For customers, Goopter is totally free. However, business owners must pay a nominal setup fee plus a monthly fee to launch your business on Goopter’s mobile app.

  • How secure is my payment?

Goopter uses an industry-standard security mechanism to protect your private information.

  • How do I decide if my business is eligible to use Goopter?

As long as your business sells products or provides a service, you are eligible to use the Goopter mobile app.

  • I have never heard of Goopter and do not want the risk of paying the monthly fee, what are my options?

If businesses choose a monthly payment option, they can cancel at any time. Businesses also have the freedom to choose a commission-based payment option meaning no sales from Goopter, no payment.

  • How do I receive my payments?

If a business chooses to accept credit cards as a payment option, all payments from customers will be automatically deposited into your business account.

  • What are the typical scenarios that businesses can use Goopter?

As long as your business sells products or provides a service, you are eligible to use the Goopter mobile app. There are typical scenarios that business owners can benefit from using Goopter. A restaurant owner can set up an account with Goopter so customers can easily find the restaurant’s location as well as the menu options listed on the mobile app. The customer can use the Goopter app to order dishes for eat-in, delivery, or take out and make the payments on the mobile app.

For businesses selling goods, your online store on the Goopter mobile app allows people to order anywhere, anytime without your physical presence.

For businesses offering services, Goopter provides other ways to let customers easily find your business, make payments, and give reviews.

  • How does the reward points program work?

Goopter allows store owners to define a percentage of the purchase amount that is used to generate reward points for their customers. In this case, Goopter will withhold the equivalent cash value from the business; then the customers can redeem these reward points for cash value in any member store.

  • How does a business update their product information?

Businesses can use the Goopter web app or the Goopter Mobile Biz App to update their product information. Alternatively, businesses can simply contact Goopter business support to update product information.

  • What is an electronic gift card and how can I use it?

Businesses can create electronic gift card through the Goopter web app. Each gift card has a value and a sales price, which the store owner has the freedom to set. Consumers can buy a gift card through the Goopter mobile app. The purchased gift card will then be attached to the purchaser’s accord and they can easily use the gift card for purchases, or they can reassign the gift card value to a friend or family number as long as you have the individual’s email address or phone number.

  • What is an ALL-IN-1 printer?

An ALL-IN-1 printer is a custom-designed hardware that will allow businesses to automatically retrieve orders from Goopter’s data center in a secure way. This hardware device does not need connecting to a computer or mobile device; all you need to do is connect the printer to your Wi-Fi or simply plug-in a SIM card.