About Us A little bit about us!

Goopter is a Scottish term that means “massive geek”. Judging from the name itself, you may have already sensed that a group of computer geeks powers Goopter – that is definitely true! We are a hard-working group of geeks dedicated to providing the best mobile e-commerce platform to help both consumers and businesses.

Our Mission

Goopter’s mission is to help small businesses gain more customers, reduce operating costs and increase sales from the online world.

Goopter’s e-commerce platform makes it possible for businesses to launch an online business and go mobile with minimal investments, allowing both your business and customers to help from having a multilingual online business presence.

About Our Company

Goopter Holdings Ltd is a software as a service company focusing on delivering the next generations multilingual e-commerce platform. Our goal is to offer a cost-effective e-commerce platform to ease local shopping while providing a solution for businesses to connect with customers worldwide. Goopter can offer the online presence necessary for a business to succeed. We do this by greatly increasing the exposure of your products and services, reducing operating costs, and increasing sales. For consumers – Goopter is your one-stop platform that can easily find your favorite stores and products. With our platform, placing orders and making payments has never been easier! Our e-commerce platform covers a range of areas such as shopping, services, restaurants, travel and group sales.